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Cremation Memorialisation

Cremation memorial site

Traditional and Modern Cremation Memorialisation in Sydney

Globe Memorial Co Pty Ltd frequently create areas of reflection and remembrance with our products for cremation memorialisation . We help to ensure your loved ones are never forgotten, as well as marking their loss with respect and love.

Our dignified granite niche walls are designed to hold ashes and memorialise those past whose remains have been cremated. We work with our clients to maximise available areas to create calm and beautiful zones for friends and family members to ponder cherished memories of their loved ones.

We offer a large choice of cremation memorialisation products, suitable for any type of setting and we can custom design and manufacture a wall or a complex constituting several walls to suit the area available.

Our various memorials can be tailored to suit your wishes including:

  • Granite niche walls for interring ashes
  • Granite Columbariums for interring ashes
  • Granite Books for scattered ashes
  • Ash Beams
  • Incorporating Cremation Memorialisation with existing Burial Memorials
  • Granite plaques
  • Ash urns
  • Cremation estates
Our compassionate staff can assist in the cremation memorialisation selection process, talking you through all the options we have available. All our memorials can be personalised and can be customised to suit.

Cremation memorial site
Orange lilies placed on memorial
2-sided 64 Position Granite Niche Wall with base surrounds
An example of cremation memorialisation monuments in Sydney
Niche Wall Cathedral Proposal

Cremation memorialisation gallery

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