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One of our gravestones in Sydney

Lawn Monuments and Headstones in Sydney

Getting the choice of a memorial right for a life that has been lived is important. Globe Memorial Co Pty Ltd designs and builds beautiful and respectful lawn monuments that serve as a lasting tribute to the memory of the departed.

Our friendly team in Sydney will advise you on all the options available and guide you through the whole process to ensure we create a detailed and forever lasting single or double lawn headstone. From personal inscriptions and gold leaf lettering to religious or special art work, all lawn monuments will be customised and personalised to your exact wishes.

We also supply triple and quad lawn headstones. In fact we can work with any number of sites to create a monument of beauty and remembrance. Please contact our staff for further information on headstones over multiple burial sites.

The galleries present a selection of our many varied designs. The names of the deceased have been obscured wherever possible out of respect for their families, our clients. 

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Single lawn headstone gallery

Double, triple, and quad lawn headstone gallery

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