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MateenBar distributors for the cemetery and monumental industry in Sydney

Leading the way in cemetery monumental construction, Globe Memorial Company is proudly associated with Pultron Composites as Australian distributor of MateenBar within our industry. At our factory in Sydney, and throughout  NSW and QLD cemeteries, Globe Memorial Co Pty Ltd uses leading quality MateenBar for pinning and doweling to ensure our memorials last a lifetime. 

What is MateenBar?

MateenBar is made from an industrial construction material that is proven in strength and reliability in challenging engineering applications throughout Australasia, Canada, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Not only is it high in strength, it’s also rust free and twice the tensile strength of stainless steel.

Globe Memorial Co Pty Ltd is a proud distributor of MateenBar, engineered by NZ based Pultron Composites. These high-performance composite rebars are perfect for masonry use and come with significant benefits over traditional steel alternatives.

Performance benefits of MateenBar:

  • Zero rust staining
  • Non-corrosive
  • Twice the tensile strength of stainless steel
  • More cost-effective than stainless steel
  • Proven seismic performance

MateenBar also simplifies the installation process, as it’s easy to cut and drill and is a quarter of the weight of steel.

We believe MateenBar is the future for monumental construction, which is why we have secured the distributor rights in Australia for Cemetery & Monumental Applications.

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Mateen bars
Mateen bar
Mateen bar
Mateen bar for fixing monumental components

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