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When it comes to granite, you need to be aware that the cheapest option is not necessarily the best quality. In order to reduce costs and be able to quote lower prices, we have noticed some companies offering below-quality memorials in the marketplace. We are regularly asked by potential clients if their granite memorials will fade. As Sydney’s trusted memorial supplier, we can confidently say that fading is never an issue at Globe.

Your memories will never fade

Globe Memorial Co Pty Ltd only buys granite that has been properly finished in order to achieve a rich mirror-like polish on the surface. Granite must be wet-polished over several stages, which is a time and labour intensive process.

The issues of fading comes from cheaper, lighter and grainier forms of black that are heavily saturated with dye then oil-polished to achieve a solid black and wet-polish look. It is a cheaper process, however once this granite memorial is exposed to hot and cold elements, the dye and oil evaporate in patches, leaving the memorial surface and colour grossly deteriorated.


As Sydney’s reputable memorial supplier, we have been approached many times over the years to repair and save kerbed monuments from sinking. Poor and below-standard foundations and fixing methods result in monuments sinking, cracking and falling.

At Globe Memorial Co Pty Ltd in Sydney, we use only the highest quality adhesives and dowels, and our foundations comply with AS4204-1994. Whilst stainless steel dowels for pinning are considered a quality choice, we endorse the use of Mateen-bar. This is an NZ engineered reinforcing bar that is higher in strength, rust and corrosion-free, and an industrial construction material that’s proven itself  underearthquake conditions.

We believe this product is the future for monumental construction, and as such have secured the distributor rights for monumental construction in Australia.

Gold lettering

Globe Memorial Co Pty Ltd only uses 23-carat gold leaf, which is applied to our memorials by hand with a brush. Again, applying quality gold leaf is a time and labour intensive process, unlike gold metallic spray paint. Cared for correctly, gold leaf will remain vibrant and elegant for many years to come. 

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